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Form a team

Playing with friends is a lot more fun! But don't worry, you can still play solo if you prefer.

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Pick a challenge

There are different challenges for different levels and categories to fit a range of needs and preferences. Everyone is welcome!

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Start riding and have fun! When you bike, Emission will make sure your well deserved points are computed automatically. No data input hassle!




Can you get your travel to be ɛ-optimal? Short trips (< 5km) are eminently walkable and bikeable, and around campus, faster than driving. This reward function discourages deviations from this optimum, with a simple linear benefit for longer trips.

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Not sure where to get started? This challenge lists baby steps to get started, from tips on choosing a bike, to recommendations on increasing visibility. Complete your first solo ride and ace the challenge!

Level up your commute

Level up your commute

Like to be challenged? This challenge starts slow but unlocks new goals as you level up. How far can you go as the going gets tough? See your position on the leaderboard and find out!

Stick to a schedule

Ride far and often

Increase biking to campus and Zero Emissions Trips. Pick the days that work for you to walk or bike to campus, and we'll see whether you met your goal. The more days you commit to, the more points you get, but beware, broken promises cost you points.

About the E-mission App

E-mission's goal is to enable personal and structural shifts to sustainable transportation through a smartphone application that collects mobility data and provides users with insights about their travel patterns.

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K. Shankari
EECS Department
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